Testing Services



Projects etc Pty., Ltd., provides safety, environmental and EMC related testing services (including customised TEST PLANS) at the manufacturers facility - or in the case of environmental and EMC testing  - also witnessing and supervision of testing at test facilities  can be carried out.

"Safety Related Control Systems" (a "trading as" name of Projects etc Pty., Ltd.,) is a NATA Accredited Inspection Body for Witness Testing under the IEC 60068 Series of standards for Climatic and Mechanical Vibration, IEC 61800-5-1 (Adjustable Speed Drives - Electrical Safety) and IEC 61131-2 (Safety of PLC's)


The full "scope" of our NATA Accreditation can be viewed on the NATA Website (www.nata.com.au) under Accreditation number 17171

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