Consulting Services



Based on years of experience in the Safety and EMC areas - Projects etc Pty., Ltd., offers consulting and assessment services for a wide range of products and systems.......from EU CE-Marking requirements in many fields covered by the various EU Directives including:-

EU Machinery Directive, LVD(Electrical Safety), EMC Directive, Recreational Craft Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive, Simple Pressure Vessel Directive, RTTE Directive, ATEX Directive.........PLUS.....we can provide you with assistance with importing/exporting of machinery and plant to/from Australia and to virtually any location globally - including the USA ("Safety Related Control Systems" - a "trading as" name for Projects etc Pty., Ltd., is a NATA Accredited Inspection Body for NFPA 79 (Electrical Std for Industrial Machinery) - essential for machinery/plant export to the USA).

Additionally Projects etc Pty., Ltd., offer an "incident investigation" service to determine the cause of failure of machinery/plant safety control circuitry and "expert witness" services if/when required.

Projects etc Pty., Ltd., specialises in safety related control systems - Hardware/Software and Communications Systems carrying Safety Related Data - and in fact through our "trading as" name ("Safety Related Control Systems") we are a NATA Accredited Inspection Body for many areas related to Machinery/Plant safety control circuits - including Functional Safety (Hardware/Software and Comms/Buss Systems) see full details of our NATA scope ( under Accreditation number 17171.


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