Machinery Safety

What is "Machinery Safety"?

By Machinery Safety is generally meant freedom from unacceptable risks of hazards (other than electrical hazards) brought about by the design/development and implementation of design into a "real" machine.  Machinery hazards include not only mechanical hazards (crushing, pinching, shearing etc) that may occur due to access to moving parts of the machine - by poor design or by failure of interlocking circuitry - but all other hazards that may be present within machinery ...such as.......:-

Thermal Hazards, Noise Hazards, Emission of Fumes, Dust or Harmful Gas, Slips, Trips and Fall Hazards, Emissions of Harmful Radiation (- generally non-ionizing such as Ultra-sonics, Laser, UV, Static Magnetic Fields.....etc)......etc

Through our "trading as" name of "Safety Related Control SystemsProjects etc Pty., Ltd., is a NATA  Accredited "Type A" (Independent) Inspection Body for Electrical Safety/Machinery Safety and Designated EU Notified Body for the EU Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) and EU Machine Directive (2006/42/EC)under the EU/Aust MRA - pending.  See our scope of accreditation on the NATA Web Site ( under accreditation number 17171

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