Projects etc Pty., Ltd. (Japan Branch)

In 2007 - a Branch Office of Projects etc Pty., Ltd., was established in Kyushu Japan.

NEWS - Projects etc Pty., Ltd., opened a Tokyo Branch office on the 15th August 2012 - please see CONTACT details for more information.... 

For Safety and EMC Services the Kyushu Branch and now the Tokyo Branch provides a "local" Japanese Language point of contact for Projects etc Pty., Ltd and "Safety Related Control System" - our NATA Accredited Independent Inspection Body Service for Functional Safety, Electrical/Machinery Safety and EMC.

In addition to the "local" contact point for safety and EMC services - the Kyushu Branch Office of Projects etc Pty provides other non-safety/EMC related services such as Import and e-Sale of various Australian Essential Oils and Organic Products from developing countries - under the "Fair Trade" Organisation.....


The full range of these other services provided by the Japanese Branch of Projects etc Pty., Ltd., can be viewed via the following web links........... (Under Development)


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